Intrinsic Health Training

This training is to offset the years of consuming artificial, synthetic, highly processed, genetically modified "foods". These chemicals have caused an immense amount of damage to our bodies and has increased the amount of diagnosis of diseases, especially in the Western Hemisphere. Although our healthcare system is supposedly more "advanced" than ever, the general populous is sicker, weaker and unhealthier than our ancestors. The reason for this is clear, and the solution is simple. One must remove their cognitive dissonance in order to re-activate the connections they have with nature.  The road ahead will be challenging, but I'm here as a guide to simplify things for you and keep you accountable! You'll be trained in fitness, nutrition and on developing healthy lifestyle habits. Fitness training is held outdoors where we can breath fresh air and absorb natural sunlight. As for Nutrition/Lifestyle training, you'll be receiving written packages of information that's based on your current health level and your desired goals. Nutrition training is usually virtual for convenience purposes, but oftentimes I will sit with a trainee for a healthy meal at a local restaurant and provide information as we eat. This is a way that I create a fun atmosphere and strengthen the bond between me and my clients. I'm aware that each trainee is unique and have different genetic codes, so each trainee receives a personalized package to study, learn, and apply to their daily lives. Keep in mind that there is no judgement while part of this group. All I ask is that you come prepared to work hard and trust the process! You can contact me here OR you'll probably see me out running the strand, just keep an eye out for the tall dude with wild hair, you can't miss it!