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You, Me, The Universe, History, & knowledge of self🧠

You and I were born here on earth. The stars, sun, moon, planets and all other heavenly bodies were looking down on us–they were there, they witnessed it. In fact they have always been there, giving off and channeling energies. How so? Well, the sun is powerful enough to spark life on this planet, and the moon is so powerful it raises the tides of oceans. So, by nature and math it is impossible for them to not have an effect on us, yet we dare think, by mere and unqualified belief, that they don't affect us.

The zodiac and all of its components in the heavens are representative of the laws of nature in spite of the uncultured education which has taught many, not to acknowledge or recognize these facts. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, movement of tides, weather patterns, recycling/regeneration of plant and food life on this planet, are all reflections of the workings of nature, taught in astrology, and you are included with all other living forms. 

Now, as we continue to study and dive into the teachings of astrological aspects/principles, you will soon learn how to interpret your natal chart. Your natal chart will assuredly explain why you do some of the things that you do, why you don't do some of the things you don't do, and why people think you are different–’because you are’. Being different doesn't make you strange, nor does it make you any more special than the next person, it makes you individually, uniquely, INTRINSICALLY you. Most importantly all of these explanations and variations are not found in dogmatic sermons. They are based on the energies of natural law. Your natal chart is a snapshot of the energies of the heavens at the moment you were cut from the nav-el to begin navi-gation, traveling/moving, and experiencing on the earth plane.You are an imprint of the forces of nature, an aspect of the cosmos, based on the transits of your mother at the time of birth including what she ate and how she was thinking. You are here because you were meant to be here and you will return to this space and time for some reason. Being here never was, nor will it ever be an accident. All things occur according to Law, just as if you jump you will fall, if you submerge yourself underwater you will drown, if you touch the fire you will burn, if you consume artificial, synthetic, and any other unnatural things you will be in a state of ‘DIS-EASE’. Do not attempt to deny the truth

Intrinsic kin, I would love to jump right into teaching you about the houses of your life, the characteristics, qualities, elements, and planetary energies which make up, constitute and therefore affect your being. But I find it more appropriate to start from the beginning, that which is the nucleus– the atom of this “solar system”, which sparks all life here on this earth–The Sun. 

The progression of the sun is an example of the progression in Nature and the progression of self. So the sun will be the CENTER topic of our next newsletter. 

Thank you kindly for tuning in and sparing your energy, -Daniel El, Master Astrologer of Intrinsic7elf LLC

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  • Capricorn… see I can follow directions lol. Great post.. can’t wait to read more!

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